Class K Fire Extinguishers

Class K Fire Extinguishers

Kitchen Safety Solutions

A Class K fire is considered one that is fueled by cooking oils or fats which are used widely in commercial restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries and other food related industries. These fires can flash quickly and become out of control.

Class K fire extinguishers are more effective at extinguishing cooking fires because they use a wet mist that contains a special potassium acetate-based low-pH agent that works to cool the flammable liquid and block oxygen, putting out the flames and preventing re-ignition.

Wet Chemical Class K Portable Models

Because of the modern technology and higher heating rates built into new appliances, as well as the use of more unsaturated oils in commercial kitchens, restaurants face a higher risk of fire during cooking.

For the safety of your business, your employees, and your customers, wet chemical Class K portable fire extinguishers are an effective choice when it comes to fire hazards during cooking. They are simple to use, too.

Here is a summary of this fire extinguisher’s feature:

  • Available in two sizes: 6 liters and 2.5 gallons
  • Chrome-plated brass valve, stainless steel cylinder, handle, and lever
  • Nonmetal finger guard for safer operation
  • Protective nozzle orifice seal prevents nozzle blockage
  • Color-coded labels for instant type recognition
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and large fire pictograms
  • UL listed

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